About Our Santa Rosa Beach / 30A Vacation Rentals

Relaxing with my dog at our pet friendly vacation rental in Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Over the years, I’ve somehow become involved in discussions, theories and musings regarding memory and how far back it can go for each of us individually. I still don’t have an answer. But, I do know this: my own first, very clear memory involves yours truly bundled up in a soft yellow play suit, sitting at the edge of a blanket by the Gulf of Mexico on a cool day, happily playing in crunchy, sugar white sand…the family Cocker Spaniel, Tinker, was on watch. I was not yet two years old.

The Florida Panhandle

Correct timing or not that delicious memory was certainly a sign of things to come. The Florida panhandle had immediately cast its spell. I loved it all. But, growing up, for me it was always about the beach and the water – bayou, bay or gulf; they seemed to sing my name. I swam, snorkeled, learned to fish, run an outboard motor, and eventually much larger boats, surfed, lifeguarded, went scuba diving religiously…you name it, I did it. I grew to adulthood in that beautiful, blinding white sand and in that crystal clear, emerald green water of the great Gulf of Mexico.

After graduating from FSU, I naturally continued to “grow”, yet, still, I went where the water took me…this time to the Caribbean on a classic 60′ sailboat. I lived aboard and sailed multiple seas for over a decade. Then, the inevitable choppy tide line that we all eventually face showed up. My life and direction changed.

“Giving others the opportunity to experience my beach”

Now, I travel extensively but the Tennessee Appalachian Mountains are my home. Well… mostly. I still have family living on the bay across from Destin and, because I started buying property in the panhandle right after high school, I return when I can. And let me tell you, driving south across one of the bridges that span the bay, toward the beach, and smelling that unforgettable salty/mossy air as I approach 30-A jolts every memory I have… and they’re just as good and just as strong as ever.

The beach houses you see on this site are properties I was compelled to build/buy … I know that I will never completely sever ties with this part of Florida. But, because I move around so much, it occurred to me that placing the properties on the beach rental market would assist not only with the heightened expenses the soaring economic growth of Walton County is sure to bring — but would also give others the opportunity to experience “my beach”. And I decided from the get-go that I would manage the entire project myself. I genuinely love these houses and insist that they be cared for and maintained as well as possible… I need, and want, to oversee every facet of the entire process. So I do.

There you have it. I hope you visit 30-A and Santa Rosa Beach. And I’d be absolutely delighted to have you in either 30A PAWS or MELLOW YELLOW (some guests even alternate homes). But, regardless of your ultimate accommodations selection, come on down to the Gulf of Mexico…we’d love to have you. You can check our availability calendars online. We want you, too, to experience this beautiful and unique part of Florida and make it an integral part of your own delicious memories.

Great beachin’,