The Perfect Touch at Europa - 706 Views


This escape from mundane living has everything you might need to cook, grill, relax, or entertain yourself during your stay. I breathe a sigh of relief as soon as I arrive. Sitting out back by the pool, relaxing in my room, sitting down to eat; it doesn’t matter where I am at Europa, my eyes see just the perfect touch of decor, I notice something that pleases my eye, I notice that everything is just as it should be! It’s like being home, yet I don’t have to DO anything!

…………… AND I am just a couple minutes from wonderful restaurants (Stinky’s and Goatfeathers) and the beach! I don’t have to deal with the traffic of Hywy 98. OR I can stay in and prepare something yummy, because it’s so nice here at Europa, and everything I need is here.

My sisters and I have chosen Europa for our girls’ getaway….but now the husbands want to come, too!

We decided that that’s ok, because here we have enough room to go to our “corners”, and not feel crowded! (and I know people bring their pets here, but you would NEVER know it! Everything is wonderfully clean, like-new clean!)

I have stayed here several times, and hope to again on the future. Thank you, Pat, for creating such a nice place to come home to!

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